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Subject: Way Way Off On Ayers

An e-mailer begs to differ:

Ayers is working. Ever since the Lehman Brothers collapse, McCain was on a downward spiral. None of his talking points could break the MSM spin cycles. Ayers did that. It put the focus back on Obama and stopped the bleeding. Mcain has lost no ground and has gained some back since the Ayers attcks. More importantly, he is sowing the seeds of doubt in voters. I agree, Ayers is not a game changer. People are not going to vote on Ayers, but Obama has lost credibility. People are still asking “who is this guy”.

An I’m sick of the Gallup trick. They changed their polling method this year because they assume Obama will drive more people to the polls. Brand new Gallup Tracking poll today shows:

Gallup Tracking:       Obama +3 (under the 2000 and 2004 method)

Rasmussen             Obama +5

Reuters/Zogby:        Obama +4

A couple of other credible polls have it closer to eight. Long gone are the double digit leads (other than lousy CBS or ABC push polls) and the Obama momentum.

Don’t quit now. McCain needs to run with a positive message, but the 527, Palin and the blogs must continue to knock Obama down and create doubts.

UPDATE: A reader forwards some other polls from RCP (why poll averages are useful):

Hotline/FD Tracking 10/12 – 10/14 823 LV 49 41 Obama +8

GW/Battleground Tracking 10/08 – 10/14 800 LV 51 43 Obama +8

LA Times/Bloomberg 10/10 – 10/13 1030 LV 50 41 Obama +9

Ipsos/McClatchy 10/09 – 10/13 1036 RV 48 39 Obama +9

 Pew Research10/09 – 10/12 1191 LV 49 42 Obama +7

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