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The reason it is hard for talking-heads-show producers to get Second Amendment defenders to come on their programs has something to do with the hosts and the frenzy of the moment. As David Gelernter pointed out yesterday, there is very little that can be said right now on TV or Capitol Hill that can much help anyone.

Press conferences about panacea legislation are simply about making us feel better, acting as if we can re-assert control over life and death and good and evil. 

I’ve watched very little of the coverage — I was travelling and now I’m becoming fond of silence in the latter days of Advent. But based on what we see here in the Corner, and the few additional minutes I’ve caught: Why would you go on TV to talk about much of anything right now, much less the Second Amendment? Children have died, parents are suffering, a community is in pain. We can pray that peace may come to those suffering the agonizing pain of the loss of their children and loved ones. And maybe be a bit more attentive to the mom with the troubled son next door. 


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