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Suburbs: The Hidden Key to Obama

My new book, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, will be published on August 2. There I show how the suburbs are the target of Obama’s redistributive plans. Obama blames the suburbs for the plight of the cities. And while he took this view from his radical mentors, we are talking about a live issue. Although the public knows little about it, Obama actively coordinates his administration’s urban/suburban policy with his old community organizing mentors and colleagues.

Their plans for America are breathtakingly ambitious, and Obama has already laid the groundwork for a far-reaching social transformation in his second term. Should the president be reelected, the heretofore quiet alliance between Obama and his community organizing buddies is set to usher in a new phase of divisive class warfare between America’s suburbs and cities.

Suburbanites are the key swing constituency of the 2012 election. If word of Obama’s redistributive plans for the suburbs gets out, it just might have an impact on this election. That is why I wrote Spreading the Wealth.

I’ll have more to say about all this a bit later this week. In the meantime, accounts of the book have begun to appear. Ron Radosh has the first full-scale review. Roger Kimball offers an early assessment as well. features an article about the book today. The Brietbart piece includes a great picture of Obama meeting his old community-organizing mentor in the Oval Office. Finally, special thanks to Rush Limbaugh for taking up the political implications of the book’s revelations on his show last week.


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