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Suicide Note

“BRUSSELS, June 18 (Reuters) – European Union leaders formally adopted a historic first constitution for Europe on Friday, giving a new start to the reunited continent six weeks after the bloc’s enlargement across the former Iron Curtain. “The constitution is OK,” an EU diplomat said as the leaders applauded Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, who successfully chaired the negotiations.”

Invective to follow.

But before that, it’s worth noting that the Treaty has not yet been “adopted”, but, hey, I’ve long since given up hopes of any accuracy from Reuters. Adoption depends on ratification at the national level, and that is where things will get interesting. In the UK, Tony Blair’s task will be to persuade a skeptical British public that the white flag he has just waved is in fact tinted a reassuring shade of gray.That won’t be easy. The historically-minded, meanwhile, will note that today is the anniversary of the victory at Waterloo. The Iron Duke, one imagines, would not be impressed by the way this June 18th has turned out.


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