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Suicide is a growing problem,  and yet, the assisted suicide movement receives none of the blame.

It should. Pushing suicide impacts people’s attitudes. Normalizing it surely leads to more self killings, given what we know about the copy-cat phenomenon.

In this regard, Oregon assisted suicides were up again last year. Although, since honesty is not the movement’s thing, the law does not count assisted suicide as actual suicide, so Oregon’s horrible overall suicide statistics are even worse than they appear. Even the clueless-about-the-assisted-suicide-influence public health authorities have called it a public crisis.

Then, there’s this from Switzerland, where the country’s suicide clinics are more popular than ever.

Every year, thousands of people become members of Exit, the largest assisted suicide organisation in Switzerland. Last year was no exception, with 10,078 new members signing up. If they fulfill certain criteria, members can use the organisation’s services when they decide the time is right to end their life.

Exit has 110,391 members in German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, according to December 2017 figures.

Of course, not all those people will commit suicide, but good grief!

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