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The Sullivan Challenge

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan chastised me for not writing about my opposition to sodomy laws, even after he personally asked me to do so. Of course, the reason Sullivan knows about my opposition to sodomy laws in the first place is because I have already written about it in my piece, “The Ashcroft-Logger Alliance.”

So my opposition to sodomy laws is already a matter of public record, and was made in the context of a general approach to issues of homosexuality and public policy. I publically state my opposition to sodomy laws again today, in my piece on the Santorum controversy.

Andrew Sullivan did also ask me privately to write a response to his recent piece for The New Republic on sodomy. I told him that I couldn’t commit to doing so. In fact, however, I was preparing a response to Sullivan’s sodomy article when the war began, and put the project aside for that reason. I’m now happy to promise that I will write an article in response to Sullivan’s long TNR sodomy piece. I hope to do this sooner rather than later, within the next few weeks if I’m lucky. But because I have several other projects on tap, it may take me a month or two at the outside. In any case, I shall write a detailed response to Andrew Sullivan’s article, “We Are All Sodomites Now.”

Now that I have answered Andrew Sullivan’s challenge to write a piece in response to his “We Are All Sodomites Now” essay, let me offer a challenge to him. I put this up on The Corner late yesterday, but that was late at night, and easy to miss. So I issue my challenge again. I would like Andrew to write at article length on the problems I discuss in my two NRO pieces, “Heather Has 3 Parents,” and “Seeing the Slip.”


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