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Sullivan & Dinging Fox

Andrew Sullivan writes:

FAIR AND BALANCED: October 30 – Fox poll shows Bush up by 2. Headline: “Fox Poll: Bush Up By Two Points Over Kerry”

November 1 – Fox poll shows Kerry up by 2. Headline: “Fox National Poll: Voters Split.” You really can’t make this up. Well, as Neil Cavuto has opined, Osama was all but wearing a Kerry button.

ME:Okay, fair enough. Though there are quibbles to be quibbled about all that.

However, I’m distressed by the fact that once again Andrew is slipping into the trope of a typical — as opposed to atypical (which is what he claims to be) — Kerry supporter. Bashing Fox News when they deserve it is obviously fair game. But I haven’t seen Andrew object once to the MSM coverage of polls when it was to Bush’s disadvantage. There was a time when the New York Times biases would have concerned him more than comforted him. And Fox’s biases would have had him looking for those quibbles I alluded to above.

For an example of what I’m getting at, here’s an excerpt from the

Kerry Spot from last week (I confess to being too tired after a long day to reconstruct the data myself):

“… last week, Gallup had Bush ahead by eight, ABC had Bush ahead by five, Fox had Bush ahead by seven, Time had Bush ahead by five, Battleground had Bush ahead by four, he was ahead in the ABC/Washington Post tracking poll by five points or so much of the week… “And they still wrote that the race is tied!” Obi-Wan said with a laugh. “They don’t need supporting evidence to go with the storyline!”