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Sullivan & Scandinavia

I’m too busy preparing for my testimony before the House Judiciary Committee (Constitution Subcommittee) today to respond to Andrew Sullivan’s entries on Scandinavia in detail. I’ll do that next week, probably on Monday. My brief comment is that there is nothing in what Sullivan says that I haven’t already covered in my Scandinavia article. Sullivan is just trying to spin the sad facts of Scandinavian marriage his way. I’ll show on Monday why that won’t work. At any rate, I’m delighted to see at least an attempt to come to grips with the reality of the effects of gay marriage on marriage in Europe. The real effects of gay marriage in Europe ought to be at the core of the debate over gay marriage. Up to now, Sullivan and others have tried to avoid that fact by acting as though Scandinavian registered partnerships had no relevance to the gay marriage question. Now it’s clear that this strategy will no longer fly. In any case, today I will testify about the Netherlands, which has full and formal gay marriage. And in the Netherlands, the effects of gay marriage on marriage itself are much easier to separate out from other causes than they are in Scandinavia. (Although the Scandinavian effect is separable nonetheless.) I’ll be making my case on the Netherlands in detail in an upcoming article. But my oral–and especially my written–testimony will convey at least the core of the argument. I will also be presenting a chart of interest during my testimony. In any case, there’s much more to come on all this.


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