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Summer is here, and with it the Summer 2020 issue of National Affairs.

There is rather a lot to think and write about these days, and this issue is packed with essays worth your while.

Some are on the pandemic, the protests, and the spirit of crisis that has gripped this year—including Greg Weiner on how to think prudentially in hard times, Eric Cohen on the American soul in a time of plague, Philip Wallach on how Congress functions in crisis, Arnold Kling on why this period should push us to rethink the basic framework of contemporary macroeconomics, and David Skeel on why states should have the option of bankruptcy.

Others are on some civic and governing challenges that were here well before this year’s grim spring and will be here well after, including Alex Brill and Scott Ganz on tax progressivity, Chris Pope on health reform, Naomi Schaefer Riley on how to recruit child-protective-services workers, Ilya Shapiro on the drug war and the Constitution, Abby McCloskey and Aparna Mathur on the power of community, Clay Routledge on some roots of religiosity, Gregory Collins on Edmund Burke’s economics, and David Corey on the challenge and the promise of political philosophy in our time.

You can find the issue here, and you can subscribe here—to also get the magazine in print every quarter.

Happy reading.

Yuval Levin is the director of social, cultural, and constitutional studies at the American Enterprise Institute and the editor of National Affairs.


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