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Summer Relief Has Arrived

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – Michelle really is the one who shoulda been president. Has President Spindly Legs looked at his numbers lately? Goodness gracious, Iran’s Mahmoud Shrimpy is more popular here than he is!

Then Barack has the nerve to tell some reporter than I am “becoming quite the lady about town”! Why doesn’t he keep his uppity in his own business? Even au pairs get nights off evert now and then – and by the way, they get paid more than I do …  which is easy since I get paid with only the privilege of living with Mr. Historic.

Oh, and His highness is supposedly miffed because I told the same reporter that I don’t eat dinner with them every night because I want to give them their “private family time.” The truth is, he bugs the living daylights out of me with his cocky attitude about everything from politics to fitness! If I hear him bragging again about how he’s in much better shape than W was when he was president, I’m going to lose it!

“Reggie says my calves are getting stronger.” “Reggie says my gold swing is improving.” “Reggie says my ab workout rocks.” You know what Reggie should also say? That you reek of cigs, Smokey! Or is half a pack a day also recommended in the Body by Reggie workout DVD?

That’s first grandmother Marian Robinson in a “diary” entry from February.

I suppose it could be from today, though.

It was released today as part of The Obama Diaries, the new book by Laura Ingraham. Her latest officially launched on The Today Show this morning. When Matt Lauer introduced it as “fiction,” Laura took issue — and, well, she has a point. It’s parody meets brutal reality; it’s more truthful than the health-care campaigning this administration and its acolytes have engaged in regarding Obamacare (which CATO’s Michael Tanner declares a “failure,” in depth, here, by the way).

I picked a lighter entry to excerpt, but the book hits on everything, from King Abdullah to the Gulf coast oil spill to Iran to Howard Zinn. And Iron Chef, too.

The Obama Diaries is actually two books in one — a rallying call to action in the tradition of her previous Power to the People and a clever, entertaining, let’s-laugh-instead-of-cry-while-we-keep-fighting summer read from a woman who’s done a bit of successful fighting in her life.

Pick up The Obama Diaries: It’s a timely summer read that captures both the tone of the Obama administration and the mood of the tea party. And it has the best book cover of the year:

There’s even a trailer:


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