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Summers & Geithner Should Go

In a speech in Cleveland this morning, House Republican Leader John Boehner calls for their resignations. Going right for the top, too, he says: “We’ve tried 19 months of government-as-community organizer. It hasn’t worked. Our fresh start needs to begin now. “

He also issues a four-point request of the president — which sounds like a list every tea-party type could arm himself with at town meetings (well, if his congressman is holding them) — that includes: “President Obama should announce that he will veto any job-killing bills sent to his desk by a lame-duck Congress — including ‘card check,’ a national energy tax, and any other tax increases on families and small businesses.”


 President Obama should call on Democratic Leaders in Congress to stop obstructing Republicans’ attempts to repeal the new health care law’s job-killing ‘1099 mandate.’

The president’s government takeover of health care is already wreaking havoc on employers and entrepreneurs.  This is a law that — upon its enactment — triggered the creation of more than 160 boards,bureaucracies, programs, and commissions.  By the end of July,Washington had already racked up nearly 3,833 pages of regulations to direct the law’s implementation.One of the new law’s most controversial mandates requires small businesses to report any total purchases that run more than $600.

If a landscaper wants to buy a new lawnmower, or a restaurant needs anew ice-maker, they have to report that to the feds.  If you’re a Mom-and-Pop grocery store, and you buy $1,000 worth of merchandise from 15 different vendors, that’s 15 different forms you have to file.

What is the point of making employers and entrepreneurs spend $17billion to send all this paperwork to Washington, where it’s going to cost about $10 billion to log it in and file it away?  Talk about overhead.

Last month, Republicans attempted to force a vote on the House floor to repeal this job-killing mandate.  Democratic Leaders blocked that vote and instead attempted to use this as an opportunity to impose another job-killing tax hike on U.S. job creators.

President Obama should call on Congress to repeal this mandate  without delay, and without strings attached.

Boehner says: 

While visiting our state last week, President Obama attended apolitical fundraiser in downtown Columbus.   At that exact moment,just a few blocks away, hundreds of Ohioans were waiting in line at a job fair where they would learn yet again that companies aren’t hiring right now.  They’re frozen. Or, as the organizer of the job fair put it, employers are — and I’m quoting now — “scared to death.”

Scared to death.

When I met with the president last month at The White House, I conveyed my belief — shared by many economists — that this ongoing uncertainty is hurting small businesses and preventing the creation of private sector jobs.

Not long after we spoke, he signed a 26 billion dollar ‘stimulus’ spending bill that funnels money to state governments in order to protect government jobs.  Even worse, the bill is funded by a new tax hike that makes it more expensive to create jobs in the United States and less expensive to create jobs overseas.

This cannot continue.

I have had enough — and the American people have had enough — of Washington politicians talking about wanting to create jobs as a ploy to get themselves re-elected while doing everything possible to prevent jobs from being created.

Previewing a fall agenda, he says: 

I’ve said that if I were fortunate enough to be Speaker of the House, I would run the House differently.  

And I don’t just mean differently than the way Democrats are running it now.  I mean differently than it’s been run in the past under Democrats OR Republicans. That means challenging the old ways in Washington, getting to the bottom of what drives people crazy, and then fixing it once and for all.

Spending is top on his priority list as he elaborates. 

Among others, the full speech includes shout-outs to Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Eric Cantor, Bob McDonnell, and Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Jack Kemp, John F. Kennedy — and American families and small businesses.


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