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From a Summit-Watching Reader

Someone elsewhere said, and I agree, wouldn’t it have been so much better for President Obama to have done this a year ago — and then several more times. Whether they were speaking to or past each other — and in truth there was some of both–every American could see it, and all sides, and attitudes. As is, about a year ago there was some 70+% for comprehensive health care reform. Now that number has flipped. Not very good politics from the White House–in fact that’s nearly the definition of really bad politics.

Best performance:  Hard to say, truly I thought it odd how much conversation the President cut off. Wouldn’t it have been so much better to see him really go back-and-forth with Paul Ryan and John Barrasso rather than allowing them to make a point, answer it, and then move on. We all could see the GOP members, whoever they were, when the President answered, had something to say in return. Heck, if he didn’t think he had an answer, the President could have asked for another to engage in dialogue on any of the member’s points. But for bringing his A game and then some, yes, Paul Ryan.


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