The Corner

The Sun Is Shining Again . . .

Nothing makes me happier than having my worst gloom and doom nightmares blasted away by the bright morning sun. These election returns are just plain heartening. They demonstrate that Americans have not been brainwashed, or so badly educated for so long that they really did buy the whole hopeychangey-give-the-government-more-power thing for real. They demonstrate, also, that conservatism is important. BUT – candidates are important too. Principles matter. But it’s a horserace. So you need a horse.

Chris Christie sounds like a nice, regular guy. He is funny (at least he was with Imus). He engages. And yes, he gets that New Jersey’s taxes are ruinous. John Corzine is a stiff. His money has insulated him from . . . everything. 

Speaking of being insulated by money . . . this would be a really good time for Mike Bloomberg to understand that he is not widely loved. His arrogance is off-putting. His contempt for party politics is offensive. And his imposition of costs, dislocations, and more costs on middle-class residents of the city has not gone unnoticed. The only reason he did as well as he has is that the other guy is worse. Much worse. Still, I didn’t vote for Bloomberg, this time or last.

Tonight’s results have made it unlikely that the Obama administration will get their health care this year. Democrats will have to consider whether they want their jobs, or really want to run the medical sector of the economy. Bills will start to come due and taxes will go up. Nothing is really going to get better so fast in the economy. If they don’t get it this year — next year becomes unlikely too.

I’m going to bed pretty happy. Even if we don’t have a horse.