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Sun-Times: Rahm Will Announce Friday

So reports Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed:

Watch for Rahm Emanuel to hit the bricks running for Chicago’s mayoral mantle this weekend after his formal announcement Friday he is leaving his job as White House chief of staff.

A top Washington source tells Sneed: “Rahm will end the week leaving the White House, move to Chicago this weekend, and begin campaigning like a galloping horse next week. He is not worried about not meeting a residency requirement. He has had top election experts advising him, and he doesn’t have a problem in that area.”Sneed also hears Emanuel has “at least four houses to choose from in the Chicago area” now that the resident of his leased house is refusing to budge. “And he probably will move into a house near his old one on North Hermitage Avenue,” a source said.“Don’t expect a bigtime formal announcement he is running,” said the source.“Rahm is just going to hit the bricks running. Everyone will get the message pretty quickly.”

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