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Sunday After Church

What’s a typical Sunday like in Cuba? Well, it depends on who you are. If you’re a member of the Ladies in White, it can be terrifying. If you’re a member of a government mob, or the interior ministry, it can be pretty exciting — bone-cracking time.

The Ladies in White, as you know, are Cuban women who march peacefully through the streets with candles and flowers and such. They wouldn’t, and couldn’t, hurt a fly. They march in solidarity with their loved ones who are political prisoners.

And this report tells us what happened two days ago: After attending mass at the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba, 20 Ladies in White were met by “government led mobs with blunt objects,” as well as “members of the Ministry of the Interior.” The women were followed by these assembled bullies, “insulted,” “threatened,” and “pushed into buses that took them to an unknown location.”

Etc., etc. Same old story, and the tendency might be to yawn — but those yawns should be stifled. And we should cast an eye, now and then, to what’s happening on an island quite close to us. There are so few Communist dictatorships left. And we have one as our neighbor!


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