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Sunday Reading

Give ‘em Hell Barry? David Pietrusza on how Obama might need to channel Truman.

Glenn Reynolds on the consent of the governed — and the lack thereof.

The New York Times tackles the Scientologists. Good for them. I particularly like that the Scientologists require initiates to sign a billion-year contract, because they believe in immortality. Two points: First, if they’re truly immortal, why stop at a billion years? Second, doesn’t this show remarkable faith in the American legal system? I’m as rah-rah about America’s prospects as anybody. But the scenario which imagines that contracts will be enforceable in American courts a billion years from now strikes me as a wee bit rosy.

Steve Hayward (my AEI colleague, heh) on the breakdown of the climate-change industry’s “consensus.” Warning: Cover pic of naked Gore not suitable for some readers. It’s not a good week for Gore, given NR’s own cover story.

Hayward also has the lead piece in the Washington Post’s Outlook section, asking, “Would Reagan vote for Sarah Palin?”

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