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Sunday School With Jimmy Carter

The American Prospect interviews the mudslinging Baptist Jimmy Carter for his opinion on how “the Christian right isn’t Christian at all.” We learn this is because the “prince of peace” apparently favors negotiation with any aggressive force in the world (it worked so well with Saddam), and that the “ultra-right” doesn’t feel any need to help the poor — through government largess. (Private-sector philanthropy has nothing to do with your eternal soul, I guess.) It gets increasingly silly as Jimmy tries to explain how his Christian views shouldn’t ever impact government policy on abortion and so-called gay marriage:

TAP: Do you think that Democrats will be able to attract Bible-believing Christians in a year that gay marriage will be used as a smokescreen to distract attention from those issues?

Carter: I think so. There isn’t a major candidate who has endorsed gay marriage; they are in favor of equal protection through a civil-union arrangement. I personally, in my Sunday-school lessons, don’t favor the religious endorsement of a gay marriage. But I do favor equal treatment under the law for people who differ from me in sexual orientation.

PS: Don’t miss the part where the Desert One Fiasco President says he believes in “a nation committed to strength in the military. I served longer in the military than any other president since the Civil War except Dwight Eisenhower. I was a submarine officer. I used the enormous and unmatched strength of America to promote peace for other people and preserve peace for ourselves.”

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