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From Debby, Odd Link Gal:

Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto IV.   Research shows birds may have the ability to see magnetic fields.   Man stuck in machinery uses big toe to call 911.   Women report incubus attacks.   Retirement home for elderly elephants.   Bike with wheels consisting of shoes on the end of each spoke.   Amazon Sues New York Over Internet Taxes.   Air Jelly is an air filled jellyfish (medusa) reproduction.    In Japan, pets now outnumber young children.[Mark Steyn take note! — JG]

  Pre-electric slide projectors.   Seal sexually assaults a penguin.   Water bottles made from rendered pig urine anyone?   German group patents ‘smell-phone’.   Nasa’s picture of An Antarctic Total Solar Eclipse.   Five cats that bear a striking resemblance to Wilford Brimley.   Is Wireless Power Closer Than We Think?   Wired video: Babbage’s mechanical calculator (difference engine) comes to life. 


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