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Super-Publicity For This?

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, he had to have hundreds of stations before the media even noticed him. The new liberal radio effort is all publicity and no stations. My publicist pal Katie Wright noticed that the O’Franken gang has THREE — count ‘em, tres — stations to start with, and none of them are exactly high-watt blowtorches of radio magnetism.

The Washington Post and Howard Kurtz have done maybe four or five promotional articles by now (and Kurtz will promote them on his CNN show “Reliable Sources” this weekend). But you could argue that in Washington at least, it’s conservative talk radio that’s still on the rise. It’s doing so well at WMAL (Rush and Sean all afternoon) that they moved out the nice life advice of Dr. Laura and moved in NRO stalwart (no relation, folks) Michael Graham. Laura Ingraham is on air here in DC at 9 on WTNT, doing some smart work on the media in the last week. It’s pretty funny that the Democrats pumping up O’Franken radio can’t seem to buy a time slot in the nation’s capital….

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