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Support OPEC: Vote Green.

I suddenly think of this because I’m going on a drive today and I got this e-mail from the American Conservative Union:

Prices at the pump are over $3.00 for a gallon of unleaded gasoline. The United States is horribly dependent on foreign oil from America-hating third world dictators and despots — Hugo Chavez comes immediately to mind…And how do liberals propose to “solve” this crisis… their solution?  Expand the misery… drive the price of gasoline up even further and continue to block the drilling and refinement of oil in the United States…it may shock you to know that according to some estimates, over 80% of our nation’s recoverable oil is OFF-LIMITS due to idiotic “greenie friendly” federal regulation.

I can’t vouch for the details they cite, but I’ve noticed a lot of Democratic politicians speaking favorably about “energy independence,” then acting to thwart it. When you talk sense about this, you get the response, “Oh, that’s all you ever say, just drill more oil.”

Well, yeah. We need more oil. People put gasoline in their tanks, not biomass or wind power or “clean coal” any other imaginary source of energy that you feel like subsidizing. For now, Democrats should either stop paying their bogus lip service to “energy independence,” or else support more drilling in Alaska, off shore, in the Great Lakes, and everywhere else we can find oil or natural gas.

Oil imports are what make us “energy dependent,” and it’s not like we’re going to stop using oil any time in the next 20 years. So either we get it from here or we get it from the Saudis, it’s that simple.

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