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Here’s the cover of our forthcoming issue, out tomorrow, and accessible midday for you lucky NR Digital subscribers.

Quite a view, no? 

As we roll through the conventions, we’re hoping our regular readers will recognize the terrific and relentless coverage NRO has provided on Hillary’s e-mail scandals, and kindly donate to this enterprise that is the hallmark of exceptional conservative commentary. In the case of keeping tabs on the Clinton Scandals, the Comey Meltdown, and all else related, it’s been an all-hands-on-deck undertaking. In the past few days, we’ve made note of this, in particular discussing the writings of Andy McCarthy and David French (tomorrow, stay tuned for Shannen Coffin), all that coupled with a plea for assistance. As is the way of good and conscientious people who are reliant on and appreciative of NR for its wisdom and analysis, many have seen fit to send a contribution, and a few have accompanied their generosity with comments. 

David kicks in $15 and feels guilty: “I don’t have much, so I can’t give much.” Well, David, it is a lot, and we are appreciative, and we hope that your stepping-up might inspire other NRO denizens to toss a sawbuck or two our way.

Kurt from the Midwest plunks $25 into the collection plate and explains it as being “In response to my friend Jack Fowler’s great solicitation letter!” Geez Kurt, that is cool of you — tonight I will crack open a Budweiser and toast you!

Ken, who is an awesome dude, sends $200 and this praise “Stop here every day — keep up the good work.” We will, and thanks.

So here comes $25 from Tim, with a nifty charge and take: “Keep on fighting the good fight. All the articulate rhetoric of NPR but infused with the truth. I enjoy your work immensely.” Got to admit: It inspires to hear this.

More later from other kind donors, but let’s end with this from Francis, who also gave $25 (thanks!) and reminded us of one thing that unites so many: “Bill Buckley was my Hero!”

Ditto. If he was your hero, please make a donation here. He’d have wanted that.


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