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Support The Pharmacists

In my Dallas Morning News columntoday, Gene Herr, one of the three

Dallas-area pharmacists who refused to fill the morning-after pill

prescription for a rape victim, goes public to say that Eckerds fired them.

Two of the pharmacists claim that they could not in good conscience fill the

prescription because they believe life begins at conception, and this

medication is intended directly to end the life of an innocent child who may

have been conceived in the rape. This is a real bite-the-bullet case for

pro-lifers, but the pharmacists correctly reasoned that if life really

begins at conception, then the agonizing circumstances of the conception

does not justify ending the life of an innocent human being. Planned

Parenthood and many others are pummeling these pharmacists (and now that

I’ve written a column siding with them, me; but that comes with the


This story is becoming a big issue here, and is prompting pro-life activists

to consider lobbying the Texas legislature — which has a Republican

majority, and is reliably pro-life — to extend conscience-clause protection

now covering doctors and nurses to pharmacists. In Texas, no doctor, nurse

or hospital worker can be compelled to participate in an abortion. With

abortion, or its moral equivalent, now possible to achieve with medication

obtained at a pharmacy, it is time that pro-life pharmacists receive the

same right of refusal that doctors and others have. South Dakota is the only

state in the nation that does this.


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