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Supporting The Troops

I think this reader overstates the case, as most liberals and leftists have had nothing but nice things to say about Tillman, the troops etc. But he does point to a kernel of truth here. There are a few folks on the left who really don’t “support the troops.” They simply say they do in public — at ANSWER rallies and the like when the cameras are on:


Notice how the left likes to give the appearance that they rally around our

troops and then when America does rally around one, they can do nothing but

show their true colors and defame him? For months all I’ve been hearing from

that side is “They’re dying because of lie! We’ve exploited them!” and “I

TRULY support the troops…I want to bring them home!” The story of Pat

Tillman could’ve provided a great moment for the left to put their money

where their mouths are, and instead we hear all those disgusting comparisons

and read cowardly, insulting editorials about how Tillman got what was

coming to him. The left blew this one big time, but then again it just shows

they want to have it both ways………just like their guy Kerry.


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