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Supreme Court to Voters: Shut Up

Balko nails it:

“Think about what has just happened. The Supreme Court has just ruled that political speech, the most important, and in theory most protected, kind of speech, can be banned in the days leading up to an election, the very time it’s most needed, most valuable, and most beneficial.

“Incumbents in Congress have just insured that concerned citizens can’t reach a mass audience with criticism of them in the months leading up to the day when the public determines whether or not they deserve to be rehired for another term. They’ve just given themselves job security.

“And lest we get too down on the Supreme Court that upheld this dreck, or the Congress that passed it, keep in mind that our president signed it into law, despite expressing his belief that it was unconstitutional, thus violating his oath of office.”

Reason’s Julian Sanchez, meanwhile, has a modest proposal:

“We must close the First Amendment loophole once and for all, and recognize that constitutional protection of “free expression” should be reserved for copies of Hustler, as the Founders intended, not extended to such dangerous frivolities as the expression of political views.”


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