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Supreme Deception?

Did the University of Michigan intentionally deceive the Supreme Court? It looks as though the answer is yes. The University of Michigan’s claim that the goods of “diversity” somehow justify reverse discrimination have long rested on a research report by U. of Michigan professor Patricia Gurin. By showing that some university students have good things to say abut diversity, the Gurin report claims to have proven that affirmative action benefits all students, regardless of race. Gurin’s thin and unpersuasive research has long since been debunked. Even so, Michigan’s court case continues to rely on it. But now it emerges that the University of Michigan deliberately held back critical data, from its own internal investigations, that contradict the Gurin report’s conclusions. Linda Chavez has the story in her latest column. This means that, should the Supreme Court hold for Michigan, the decision will have been tainted by a serious deception.


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