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A Sure Identification

This is kind of interesting. The AP has a report on the politics surrounding Netanyahu’s upcoming speech — the boycott by Democrats and all that. One of the boycotters is an Illinois congresswoman named Jan Schakowsky. Listen to this:

Schakowsky said she was concerned that the address could end up scuttling delicate negotiations with Iran.

“If the talks are to fail, let Iran be the party that walks away from the table rather than the United States,” Schakowsky, who is Jewish, said in a statement.

Oh, so that’s how it will be, is it? “Who is Jewish”? Maybe we should just hand out yellow stars, for convenience?

Do the Democrats get two points for every Jew who boycotts, rather than the standard, Gentile one?

P.S. You remember the Anti-Zionist Committee in the Soviet Union. All of its members were Jewish, of course. I can’t remember how the AP reported on it …

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