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Surly Snail-Eaters

I yield to no-one in my righteous loathing and contempt for the French, but yesterday’s New York Post went a little over the top, I feel. The following is from a story on the **news pages**:

“Hey, France, you got a nice big kick in the derriere – and that’s exactly what you deserved. The resounding reaction around the world was joy, as the arrogant nation of surly snail-eaters and fois-gras fanatics was snubbed for the 2012 Olympics… The namby-pamby nation of weasels was ungentlemanly as usual yesterday as French citizens openly booed the International Olympic Committee’s nod to London as they watched the announcement on TV in cafes across Paris. ‘We don’t understand . . . what more could we have done?’

whined Thierry Rey, France’s former Olympic judo champion… Sore losers…”

And for anyone whose Francophobia was not sufficiently sated thereby, there was the Sean Delonas “Le 200-meter surrender” cartoon.

I mean, come on guys. The French are human too. Just barely…

John Derbyshire — Mr. Derbyshire is a former contributing editor of National Review.

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