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Surprise Surprise

Has the Op-Ed page of the New York Times got a new editor? I’m used to the Times’ liberal bias, especially on social issues. Lately, though, the Times Op-Ed page surprises me. I’ve already talked about the extraordinarily radical anti-marriage Op-Ed’s in Sunday’s Times. But did anyone notice “Career Girls,” by Rhonda Garelick, in Saturday’s Times? Actually, I’m grateful for Garelick’s piece, because it brings across the problem with today’s politically biased academy better than any conservative complaint could. It’s tough for folks who haven’t been around an American college lately to understand just how bad things really are. Read Garelick, and you’ll begin to get it. Garelick’s complains about students who refuse to jump on her leftist political bandwagon. Only that’s not how Garelick sees it. To Garelick, enlightenment, education, and democracy themselves are synonymous with left-wing politics. Those who aren’t in tune with leftist politics aren’t simply of a different mind; they’re downright stupid. Garelick unashamedly admits to indoctrinating her students–only Garelick calls this, “teaching ‘wakeful’ political literacy.” When her students meet her political harangues with “blank stares,” “paralysis,” “anxiety,” and “some disgruntlement over my deviating from the syllabus,” Garelick takes them for ignorant, apathetic cattle. Doesn’t she see that they don’t buy her politics, but are afraid to say so because she holds their future in her hands? Profs like Garelick are why websites like exist. If you want to know what it’s like to be trapped in a politicized professor’s classroom, read Garelick, and imagine that, through her grades and recommendations, this woman controls your future. Then again, maybe just by regularly reading the Op-Ed page of the New York Times, we’re all trapped in that same classroom.