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Surprise Us Again, President Trump

While I believe Trump made the wrong choice to fire James Comey, I think we’re still far from the “constitutional crisis” proclaimed across the length and breadth of Twitter last night. Frankly, much depends on what happens next, and if we’ve learned anything from the first months of the Trump presidency, he has the capacity to spring a (good) surprise.

The most obvious example is the upgrade from Michael Flynn to H.R. McMaster. He followed a terrible national security adviser choice with perhaps the best available general (current or former) not named James Mattis. In his cabinet-selection process he largely rejected the collection of bomb-throwing celebrity conservatives who latched onto his campaign in favor of sober and serious-minded leaders. His judicial selections have so far been better than anyone could have reasonably hoped.

So, yes, Trump can be surprisingly bad. He can also be surprisingly good, and he can repair at least some of the damage of the last 24 hours if he surprises us again. It’s time for an H.R. McMaster-level upgrade at the FBI.