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Surprising Feedback

So far the response from readers to today’s G-File has been interestingly mixed. Many liked it, many think I’m flat-out wrong. Quite a few think I’m a prude of some kind for my description of Schwarzenegger’s past behavior. One guy in full spin-denial angrily asked me if I ever “touched” a woman’s breast without “asking for permission first” — which is a bit of a distortion. But most of all, I get the sense that a lot of people wanted me to do something more ra-ra for Ahnold. That’s cool. It’s a good thing to defy the expectations of your readers from time to time. But, the next time one of you guys want to send me an email calling me a shill for the GOP, please think twice. Also, I am fully prepared to become rah-rah for Arnold if he turns out to be a good governor. He apologized and he got elected so he gets a fresh start in my eyes.


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