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Surrendering the Courts

Did you catch this little article, linked on Drudge, about what’s going to happen if the Democrats take back Congress? The president would face “Democratic demands that he offer ‘mainstream’ rather than ‘right wing’ judicial nominees if he wants them confirmed.”

Need I say more? How on earth are conservative principles going to be substantively advanced by killing off the Republican congress? Are we interested in proving our political purity, or in actually advancing conservative principles? What happens if Justice Stevens, already well advanced in years, should have to step down sometime in the next two years? Conservatives will have thrown away the chance to take back the Supreme Court–surrendering success in a literally decades-long political project at the very last minute. This is madness.

Wake up social conservatives. Everything you care about is at stake right now. How can you even think about staying home with the Supreme Court on the line? How does it defend or advance the principles and practices you care about to destroy our chances of getting a genuinely conservative majority on the Supreme Court? Do we take our enthusiasm from the actions of politicians, or from our knowledge of the meaning and effects of our actions in the world?


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