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Survey Says … Too Close to Call in Pa

New Quinnipiac University poll out today has the Specter -Toomey split holding steady at six points among “likely” GOP voters, with 10 percent still undecided. Among the interesting tidbits: Exactly half polled say Specter is “too liberal” (incredibly, three percent say he is “too conservative” – who are these people, and who took their meds?) and his favorable-unfavorable-mixed rating is 39-25-31, while Toomey’s is 33-15-29. And 52 percent of likely Toomey voters say their vote will be more against Specter than it is for the conservative Congressman. So tomorrow will boil down to a referendum on Arlen Specter – and that is not a good thing for a man who is way too unpopular after 24 years of incumbency (and spending over $10 million on this primary!). It’s an old political rule: Nothing motivates a citizen like having something to vote against, and Arlen has given a lot of people precisely that kind of motivation. Meanwhile, Philly’s NBC-10 TV affiliate is saying the election is just too close to call and repeats what every other pontificator says: The winner will be the candidate who can get the most troops to the polls. As for Mother Nature suppressing turnout, that’s very unlikely – from Erie to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, the forecast is partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of precipitation in the very early morning hours in the western counties (so says The Weather Channel).


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