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Krauthammer’s Take: On Possible Unmasking, Democrats ‘Are Pretending It Is Not an Issue’

Charles Krauthammer argued that the Russian investigation now involves multiple issues, and that it is a partisan maneuver to say that one or another is the only one that matters:

A lot of the media are playing along with it, but it’s not going to work, because you have to ask yourself, “Where does Rhodes or Senator King get the divine authority to decide what’s the issue and what’s not the issue?” There are several issues. The Russian intervention is obviously an issue, and it’s simply cheap and I think it’s not credible to say this other story is just a smokescreen. Clearly there were some improprieties in the gathering of information about the Trump people. There probably was a felony committed in the leaking of the information about General Flynn. The story today about Susan Rice is, well, if she did order or allow herself to go in and unmask all these people, the question is this: Was it in pursuit of national-security interests (in which case it’s proper) or was it not (in which case it’s improper, possibly illegal)? That’s an important story because you don’t want to have — look, it could be the reverse four years or eight years from now — one party that controls the intelligence apparatus and gets the information using the information as a weapon against the other party. This is an issue that, until this election campaign, was one about privacy and the misuse of power that Democrats would’ve argued. Now they are pretending it is not an issue. It’s an issue. There are several. The idea that there can only be one at a time is simply silly and partisan.

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