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Suspect in WWII Veteran’s Death Claims Teens Were Buying Crack from Victim

A suspect charged with the death of World War II veteran Delbert Belton told Spokane, Wash., police that he and another teen were buying a “zip of crack cocaine” from the 88-year-old, when the deal took a turn for the worse. Belton’s family deny the claim, while police and the lawyer for the other suspect dismissed it as well.

NBC News reports Kenan Adams-Kinard, one of the teens, who was on the run for four days before he was arrested, wrote a letter to his mother explaining the situation. In the letter, Adam-Kinard said he “proceeded to sock” Belton after the purchase before taking his wallet and more drugs from the man’s pocket. The teen also said he and Demetruis Glenn, who has also been charged, knocked Belton unconscious but made sure he was breathing before leaving him.

Yesterday, police revealed that Belton was found wedged between the two front seats of his car in the parking lot of his local Eagles Lodge. Belton reportedly fought back against his attackers in defense, but was beaten so badly that he sustained brain damage and excessive blood loss.

Police say there is no evidence to support Adams-Kinard’s claim, and Glenn’s lawyer said “it doesn’t seem plausible to me.” “I wouldn’t put any stock in it at this point,” the lawyer added.

Belton’s daughter-in-law called the claim “a bunch of crock.”

Adams-Kinard and Glenn, both 16, have been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery.


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