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Swamp Waters Not Drained, But Stirred

In response to &^%$@!

Ian, the declaration from Newt Gingrich that Donald Trump considers “drain the swamp” to just be a cute message goes well with the news that Corey Lewandowski is forming a consulting firm, headquartered on Pennsylvania Avenue just down the street from the White House.

I’m so old, I remember when Lewandowski was denouncing the “Washington consultant class” and declaring, “The problem with the professional political class is they make money regardless of who wins.”

I even remember him denouncing “these consultants who talk about the glory old days of races they were involved with that weren’t successful.” Lewandowski will no doubt argue his campaign was successful . . . of course, Trump fired him in June.

Lewandowski’s firm will grab its share of clients . . . probably by the arm.