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Sweet 99

At the end of my column today, I have a mention — indeed, a clip — of Magda Olivero, the Italian soprano born in 1910. Her most recent performance was two months ago. A reader wrote in to say, “What about Giulietta Simoniato?” the Italian mezzo. She, too, was born in 1910. Perhaps Olivero and Simoniato can get together for duets. Start with “Mira, o Norma”?

These gals are just kittens, though, compared with Elliott Carter, the American composer born in 1908. I interviewed him a few weeks before his 100th birthday, late last year. (For the results, go here.)

P.S. This just in: 

Hi, Jay:

When I saw your item on Magda Olivero, I felt inspired to tell you about an excellent performance I witnessed on Saturday, June 6, from the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Brubeck was the oldest member at 88. The performance lasted for one and a half hours, with Brubeck soloing in every tune.

The entire band must have been north of 65, and they all put on a performance that would have been impressive had it sprung from much younger hands.



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