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Swift Ones

An e-mail:

I caught the replay of their press conference

last night on C-SPAN2.

Forget about Kerry, this group of guys,

most in their 50s, early 60s, demolished

me. Their pride in their service. Their loyalty.

Their determination.

And their anger at being accused of war

crimes and torture.

These were the guys from the old neighborhoods,

the guys who played softball and ran picnics and

joined the military. Humble, not the least bit glib,

and too long quiet.

They were just absolutely terrific. It’s a shame

that Kerry had to be the reason for them to step

forward. I just miss the hell out of the country

that these men represent. If I had $25 million to

spare I’d turn that press conference into a half-hour

program and run it in every media market in the

United States.

Loved those guys.


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