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Swiss Elections

The SVP (Swiss People’s Party) has come out ahead in today’s elections in Switzerland, gaining 6 more seats for a total of 61 in the 200-seat lower house of parliament. The Beeb has a report here, Forbes a slightly later one here.

Immigration was a big issue, with the SVP carrying the restrictionist banner. Swiss elites were of course horrified that anyone dared question the multi-culti dogmas. Even some of my American conservative friends have sneered at the SVP. (“That ‘V’ stand for Volk doesn’t it? Well, then, we know where they’re coming from, don’t we?” … followed by clicking of heels, straight-arm salutes, etc., etc., et puerile, condescending, Germanophobic cetera.) In the end, though, huge numbers of Swiss people registered their objection to seeing their country, their cities, and their neighborhoods made into laboratories for vast demographic experiments. Good luck to them.


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