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Syllables from the Past

At the end of Impromptus yesterday, I mentioned the pianist André Tchaikowsky, né Krauthammer. Turns out he is no relation to le grand Charles. The best I can do, Nordlinger-wise, is Marie Nordlinger (no direct relation, so far as I’m aware). She was a cousin of Reynaldo Hahn, the composer — some say a kissin’ cousin. She was also a close friend — probably not much kissin’ — of Marcel Proust.

Anyway, I think André Tchaikowsky, a marvelous pianist and brave man, probably beats Cousin Marie.

P.S. While I’m “on the line,” let me say that Elliott Abrams’s post yesterday was one of the most gratifying I’ve read in ages. He blurted out the truth about Syria and America’s pathetic posture regarding events in that country. My dream for 2013-17 — President John R. Bolton and Secretary of State Elliott Abrams — is not to come true. But at least they’re around to read, along with valuable others.


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