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The Syria Problem

Carl Cameron reported a little while ago on Brit Hume’s Special Report that Syria may have opened its borders to permit

the flow through of a variety of Islamic militants, including Hezbollah guerillas armed with C4 explosives and possibly even shoulder-mounted rocket launchers (anyone have deja vu of East Africa and an El Al airliner a few months ago?…).

All this after Don Rumsfeld warned Syria and Iran in the sternest terms during

the afternoon Pentagon briefing to stay out of the Iraq theater and stop

providing military aid to Iraqi armed forces. He was pretty specific

about alleged Syrian sins.

These official and analytical revelations confirm what Mansoor Ijaz

presciently wrote in NRO on Wednesday when he first

argued why the Turks stopped the basing of U.S. troops (for fears of a

widening post-Iraq war with Syria and/or Iran), and then set out the

problem scenario caused by lack of Turkish cooperation by citing the

risk of Hezbollah guerillas armed with C4 infiltrating into western

Iraq. His rear guard action scenario, where U.S. airborne units could

become targets for Hezbollah and Hamas suicide bombers, now appears to

have become a real possibility.

One wonders where this guy gets his formation from. I vote that we appoint

Ijaz Governor General of the postwar Iraqi government….Odd are he

has Asad in a jail cell within a week.


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