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T Minus Ten and Counting …

My brother-in-law Jim Mullaney, who for several years wrote The Destroyer novels, emailed me this today: “We only have ten years left to live!!!!

I seem to recall Ted Danson warning us that the oceans were going to explode or something in ten years back in the 1980s. And I remember those Nitty Gritty Dirt Band scientists/climatologists/”Mr. Bojangles” singers had a warning on one of their 1980s albums saying that we only had ten years before my shaving cream can caused Earth to slam into Jupiter. Seems like we’ve exceeded both of those ten-years-and-we’re-off-the-cliff warnings by something like six or eight years, and I think Earth is still here. Wait, let me look out my window… Yep, still here. (Leftist twits.)”

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