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Tabulating DNC’s Vote on God and Jerusalem

I’m a geek, so I imported the audio from the third platform-amendment vote at the DNC (the one which the chairman finally accepted as a two-third majority) into Audacity and “measured” the ayes and nays. Here’s the visual representation of the vote, with the nays at the top, and the ayes on the bottom:

These things being an inexact science, it’s hard to tell if one should measure the maximum volume produced or the sustained sound over time when determining a two-thirds vote. I chose the latter, since I felt it was more accurate. The light blue band is the average root mean square (RMS) over the sampled data. I very carefully and scientifically then copied those big, beautiful, blue pixels from Audacity into Photoshop and counted the number of pixels of RMS sound that was produced. The verdict?

Ayes: 11,250 (52 percent)

Nays: 10,316 (48 percent)

And there you have it! It passed, but not by a two-thirds margin. According to me, and science.

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