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A Tad Bizarre

Just a sidebar on the Joe Wilson story. Last night on CNN, Paula Zahn asked Wilson if he thought his wife’s life was in danger because of this leak controversy. He hadn’t thought about it. Here’s the conversation:

ZAHN: Do you believe your wife’s life is in any increased danger as a result of this?

WILSON: Well, I don’t know.

We’ve always thought about this in the context of what is compromised in terms of national security, what operations, what agents, what networks that have been put in place during her career. That was the focus of our thinking. I will tell you that, increasingly, people are asking that question. And I’m going to have to think about it. But I’m not — we have not been the recipients of aany general threats or even — or specific threats.

ZAHN: So you’re not sure whether you fear for her safety, when you say it’s something you have to think through?

WILSON: Well, I’m certainly concerned about her safety, but it’s — we had not thought about it in those terms at this point. We had thought about it more in terms of the violation to our own national security.

Thinking of national security first is certainly admirable…but that’s just not believable–unless this isn’t the real story we’re getting from him.


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