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Take a Tour (d’Horizon)

Nicholas Burns is one of the leading U.S. diplomats of our time. For nearly 30 years, he served in the government, in a variety of posts: ambassador to NATO, for example. He had major responsibility for the Arab world, Iran, Russia, etc. He is the ultimate generalist, when it comes to diplomacy and national security. Or rather, he has a number of specialties.

I have done a Q&A podcast with him, here. We met at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where he now teaches. We go around the world, stopping at the most challenging places: the Korean Peninsula, Iran, Russia, Israel, Eastern Europe, Greece (where Burns was once ambassador) — the United States, too. Nick Burns brings a wealth of experience, both practical and intellectual.

I thought of our hour together as a seminar, with no tuition to be paid. Again, here.



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