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Take It Where You Can Get It Dept.

From a reader in Switzerland:

Dear Jonah,

I’m a Swiss liberal, a leftie, a RAT (as a Freeper would put it) – and a regular reader of NRO and fan of your very entertaining column. And I happen to totally agree with your last piece, “Antiwar Shame”.

I just wanted to tell you that there are Europeans who are for this war. Although I have to admit, they are few and they are even fewer on my side of the political spectrum (almost non existent, in fact). I’m not switching sides, though. Back then, in Florida, I was hoping the chads would produce another result, and I still hope that 2004 will see the end of George W. Bush’s political career. But nevertheless I think your administration is absolutely right on this one. And I’m looking forward to some long faces over here after Iraq will be liberated.

Rest assured: There are Europeans who hope that there will be many more scenes like the ones at Safwan. And don’t worry, I won’t let the other ones forget “that they never believed these things would be worth it if the price was letting America have its way”. I think it was even worth to let Dubya have his way.


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