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Take The Nro Sawbuck Challenge

We want you to help NR put an entire high school on the right path, and it will only cost a sawbuck. That’s right: For $10 we’ll send a high school college-guidance office a copy of the special NR edition of Choosing the Right College, America’s premier college guide. Bursting with analysis of 125 top U.S. colleges and universities, this massive book (nearly 1,000 pages!) tells which schools meet our high standards; advises prospective students about which courses and profs to take–and which to avoid!–at major state universities; gives the real skinny on Ivy League institutions, the “Seven Sisters,” and other elite schools; and so very much more.

No kid seriously considering higher ed should do such without this phenomenal book. Indeed, one copy of Choosing the Right College in one high school will help scores of kids make the right choice. Imagine copies of Choosing the Right College in 5,000 high schools! Talk about a revolution!

And that’s our goal: to get this most important book into 5,000 high schools, influencing and helping hundreds of thousands of juniors and seniors find an excellent, traditional education. There’s nothing worse than seeing a bright kid come under the sway of ideological professors, with mom and dad dropping $150,000 so their upstanding teen becomes a liberal flying monkey after four years. If only they had had a book like Choosing the Right College to help them avoid that dreadful outcome!

We want to stop that from happening–and we need you to help. If you can spot us $10 to help just one school, great. But what if you could see toward sending five schools copies of Choosing the Right College–it will be the best $50 you’ve ever spent. For those of you with lots of loose change, how about $1,000–you’ll benefit countless thousands of kids at 100 high schools. Of course, we’re hoping one super-generous NRO soul will take care of the entire shebang (that 50 Grand will do a lot more good helping these kids than putting you behind the wheel of yet another sportscar!).

We’re not making any money on this effort. Be assured that every single cent you provide will be going strictly toward getting the book(s) into the right hands at one or more of thousands of high schools. And if you desire you can select the school(s) to which you want us to send Choosing the Right College.

Help change the world for the better by helping a kid make the right college decision. Choosing the Right College will help dozens of kids at a high school discover that there are indeed a number of solid conservative schools offering excellent educations (and it will warn them about the snares of liberal academics at other leading universities too!). In the end, we’ll all benefit.

Send your sawbucks to send Choosing the Right College. Do it here.

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