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Takei Ignorantly Misconstrues Justice Thomas

I understand that George Takei had an emotional stake in the Obergefell outcome. But his attack against Clarence Thomas’s dissent was so ignorant and hysterical that it bears rebutting.

Adding racism to insult (“clown in blackface”), Takei claimed falsely that Thomas wrote that slavery was somehow “dignified.” He most certainly did not.

Rather, Thomas argued that human dignity is intrinsic and equal among all human beings, and moreover, that our inherent worth can’t be taken away by government or anyone else.

As I write over at Human Exceptionalism:

​Slavery did not strip its victims of their inherent dignity. It was evil precisely because they had inherent dignity.

So does each and every LGBT human being.

I have no doubt that Thomas would agree because he well understands what intrinsic human dignity is all about.

Thomas’s discussion was clearly above George Takei’s intellectual pay grade. He owes the quiet justice a big, fat apology

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