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I have a letter from Israel I’d like to share with you. It responds to an item in today’s Impromptus — an item that goes like this:

The Left is very happy about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Exultant, celebratory, proud, boastful.

A question: Would they be happy about the killing if our people had accomplished it under a Republican president? Would they be indifferent to it? Unhappy about it? Would they say, “America stooped to the level of the terrorists themselves,” or, “He should have been captured alive and given a fair trial, in a civilian court”?

I remember when our people found and captured Saddam Hussein: not much celebration on the left.

Conditionality, conditionality . . .

Okay, the above-mentioned letter:

A couple of weeks back, Israel chose to kill a Hamas military commander [Ahmed Jabari]. This man was behind rocket attacks against Israelis; he played a key role in the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit; he performed many despicable acts. Yet Israel has been blamed by much of the Left, including the media, for taking him out.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a worldwide bogey. Israel should get Barack Obama to do such things as take Jabari out. Then, no problem. The Guantanamo prison? No problem — as long as Obama is president. The Patriot Act? No problem. Drone attacks, including on American citizens? No problem.

But again: You have to have Obama in office. Otherwise — problem. This is an old song, I know . . .

P.S. Speaking of old songs: I have not been able to get “In a Mellow Tone” out of my head. Reason is, I spend the first part of today’s Impromptus writing about the Republican “tone,” which so many people seem to be interested in. I was going to link to a YouTube video of someone performing “In a Mellow Tone.” But, frankly, I couldn’t find one I liked enough.

(Just a mood of the moment, I’m sure — and I mean no disrespect to Duke.) (Who’s purely instrumental — I was looking for a sung version.)

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