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On the morning after Election Day, before successful candidates enjoyed their first cup of coffee as congressmen-elect, a well-connected GOP friend was drawing up a list of the ones  who should be targeted for defeat in 2008.  “That’s the spirit!” I thought, but no doubt the same list was being compiled across the aisle in order to identify the vulnerable first-termers most in need of the new leadership’s help.  In a clever move, it’s been reported that House Democrats will consider their ethics reform bill in individual pieces to milk press attention and permit designated freshmen to champion each component.  The freshmen are expected to have floor and face time “over a many as five days” when Congress reconvenes in January.  It ain’t the Contract With America, but Democrats will look like the party of reform when they crack down on cozy relationships with lobbyists which it looks like Republicans were unwilling to do.    

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