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Taking the Nativity Out of Christmas?

A source close to the upcoming movie The Nativity Story, relays:

The city of Chicago has successfully threatened to withdraw its support of the annual Christkindlmarket festival if the new movie The Nativity Story was allowed to be a sponsor. The free festival, which hosts over a million people in Daley Plaza (where the Chicago Christmas Tree is) from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve and has been doing so for many years, returned the sponsorship money ($12K) to New Line Cinema. Below is the link to the sponsorship brochure that included The Nativity Story, if you click on the sponsorship link on the festival’s web site now, you won’t see it. The Nativity Story is a heartwarming and remarkably accurate portrayal of the birth of Christ – the reason for the season. It’s the first Christian movie produced by a major motion picture studio in almost 50 years and it opens nationwide this Friday December 1st.



Here’s New Line’s statement on the controversy:

We were stunned that our paid sponsorship of Christkindlmarket Chicago – the largest Christmas celebration in Chicago – was rescinded based on the “religious” content of our film The Nativity Story.

We had committed to a $12,000 sponsorship for the market, which was to include a display area in the Festival tent, logo signage in all print ads, direct mailings, brochures, flyers and on the website.

We don’t understand why our sponsorship would be rejected for religious reasons, particularly considering the fact that our film details the story that inspired the holiday season that the Christkindlmarket was created to celebrate. 


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